Genetically Modified Corn

What are your thoughts on genetically modified corn?  I don’t really have an opinion, as I know very little about it; however I am interested in learning more.  I love popcorn and pretty much everything else that comes from corn: cornbread, corn pasta, corn chips, etc.

I recently bought a 2 lbs. bag of organic corn from the farm in Pennsylvania where I order my produce, fish and a other pantry items.  The corn is 100% naturally grown from the farm’s family friend in Indiana….it is not genetically modified.

Popcorn bag

Comparing the size of GM corn and organic corn next to one another has alerted me and raised my concern into looking further into affects that GM crops can have.  As our food has gotten bigger, so have Americans….and I don’t want to go down that road being ignorant regarding what food I eat.   Thus, I have done a bit of research and came to the conclusion….until there is more research, I am going to try to avoid GM corn as much as I can until I know more facts.  After all, commercial sales of GM foods only began in 1994, thus no long term studies can even exist.

Popcorn kernels

A little background on GM foods:
GM foods are derived from genetically modified organisms, which have specific changes introduced into their DNA by genetic engineering techniques. Typical GM foods are transgenic plant products: soybean, corn, canola and cotton seed oil.

While there is broad scientific consensus that GM foods do not pose a greater risk to human health than conventional foods, the key areas of controversy are: risk of harm from GM food, whether GM food should be labeled, the role of government regulators, the effect of GM crops on the environment, the impact of GM crops for farmers, including farmers in developing countries, the role of GM crops in feeding the growing world population, and GM crops as part of the industrial agriculture system.

That list of controversies raises very strong points to consider; I suppose I have a lot of reading to do!

What are your thoughts on GM foods?


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11 Responses to Genetically Modified Corn

  1. Jocellyn says:

    I don’t like how we don’t know the effects. I also am more upset with the practices that companies like Monsanto employ. And the fact that they stand fully behind their product but don’t want it to be labeled. It’s questionable. I think the biggest issue with GM corn is not that it exists, but that it’s in EVERYTHING. I mean, if you stop eating processed food you’ve taken care of that issue, but it’s highly prevalent in the American diet.

  2. Actually, there is no real data on what GM crops do to us when we eat them. The only recent study that is of any depth was a long term study done recently in France. The results were not good. Many people believe that GM foods cause the gut to become leaky and cause loss of nutrients which is one of the symptoms of autism. There is a lot to be afraid of with this completely untested form of food production – not to mention it will eventually prevent people from their right to eat GM free because of contamination as well as the right of farmers to save their own seed.
    Love your blog.

  3. JoJo says:

    Great topic! Every time I go to the grocery store, I see fruits and vegetables getting bigger and bigger. When I see a strawberry the size of a peach, I know something is up! Sockmonkeys Kitchen is correct – a lot of genetically modified foods do have something like Round-Up added to their DNA so they are “naturally” bug repellent. I don’t want bug repellents genetically added to my foods. I don’t want them in my foods at all! Between nanotechnology and genetically-modified foods, I feel like the only foods that I trust nowadays are from farmers I personally know and have talked to and my own backyard garden!

  4. I love science but I totally disagree with genetically modified food because I believe that if there is nothing wrong with something you shouldn’t mess with it but mostly because they do not know how this genetically modified food is going to affect the environment around it, the quality or ph balance in the soil for example which could stop other crops from growing but also what affect it would have on humans if consumed.

  5. Amy says:

    I love that you wrote about this! After moving to CA almost 3 yrs ago, I started paying attention to my food. I can’t stand the idea of genetically modified food. Why would I want to put anything in my body that wasn’t meant to be there? Since changing my diet to all-natural foods, I’ve noticed increased health benefits, so I’m definitely in favor of organic & natural!

  6. Great topic. Like Sockmoneys Kitchen (I felt weird typing that, like it was your real name or something :)), I have done a lot of research lately on GMOs. Documentaries like ‘Forks over Knives’ have really changed my perspective on what I put in my body. My friend and I are investing in a farm share this year at a local organic place here in Maryland so we can still eat the food we love without having to worry about GMOs and other bad-for-you stuff.

  7. I’m so glad you’ve chosen this topic =0)
    I’ve done quite a bit of reading up on GMOs in the past year, and it scares me!
    I’ve stopped eating all corn products, as I don’t have a supplier that can guarantee a GMO-free product 😦 This is such a bummer because I love love love corn! It’s great to hear you have a grower nearby, as I was just reading one of your blogs that talked about your weekly delivery of organic popcorn.
    All of the produce I eat now is organic and it has definitely changed my health for the better. While others at my work are regularly sick, I haven’t even had so much as a head cold in a year.

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