Valentines Day Gift Guide

I am a Valentine’s Day lover! There’s nothing more special and important in life than love, thus why not dedicate an entire day to it.  Yes, I know it’s completely commercialized and a made-up holiday, but it’s still a day-long reminder that love should not be taken for granted ….it should be appreciated.  And at the very least, Valentine’s Day is an excuse to cook a special dinner, go to a romantic restaurant, give thoughtful cards to friends and family and simply think about the importance of love all day.  In my book, that’s pretty special!

Below are a few Manly gift ideas for someone special in case you want to express your love through a gift this Valentines Day!

Valentines Day Gift Giving Guide

1.  iPhone Camera Lens
2.  Warby Parker Sunglasses
3.  Mustache Coffee Mug
4.  Thomas Pink Skinny Tie
5.  The Art of Shaving Gift Set
6.  Men’s Slippers
7.  Collar Stays
8.  Men’s Wrist-Wear
9.  Handsome Coffee

Mike and I are going out to a VERY nearby restaurant (it’s about 50 feet away), that we have never had dinner at; we had to make the reservation a month ago to secure a table!  Our night will be filled with lots of good food and wine and wonderful quality time together!   How are you planning to spend your Valentine’s Day?

Hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


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Hello World! I write the blog Coco & Tea. I am a lover of health, cooking, baking, art, culture, entertaining, decorating…and enjoying life!
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One Response to Valentines Day Gift Guide

  1. deniliese says:

    I adore that mug! My boyfriend called the place we’re going on January 2nd…he NEVER plans things so I’m highly impressed (and excited!!) We’ll be going to see Mumford and Sons the 13th and having dinner the 14th!

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