Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Sailor and Nurse NYC{Love! When is someone going to make a movie revolved around this photo?}

Fridays are always rejuvenating and motivating for me! I know most people are exhausted and tired because it’s the end of the week, but I tend to be most upbeat and here’s why:

1. Work tends to be a light load since it is Friday
2. I am always smiling and reeling with happiness, as Thursday nights is Girls Night and I am always reminded how lucky I am to have such wonderful girlfriends….
3. I always look forward to Friday nights; Mike and I tend to stay in, make a delicious dinner, drink a good bottle of wine and watch a movie together; tonight we’ll be catching up on more Homeland!
4. Saturday and Sunday are free days to go out with family and friends, relax, workout…and blog! Tomorrow we are celebrating my friend Laura’s 30th Birthday and going wine-tasting!
5. Monday puts me back on a schedule, which I love. I am also well rested come Monday morning that I jump out of bed super early to run 🙂
6. I enjoy being on a schedule the rest of the “work week”….all while looking forward to Friday morning to start the cycle over again J
7. “My week” ends with Girl’s Night!

Here are some fun Friday reads to enjoy:

Northeast braces for massive winter storm!  I hope mother nature brings it to DC!

NY Times: Should you go Gluten-free?

Stay up-to-date on everything related to NYC Fashion Week

Man hunt continues in California for ex-cop….

Alzheimer’s casses expected to increase drastically by 2050

Doctor Oz video: what is the future of healthcare?

7 Celebrity husbands who took their wive’s last name

10 happiest cities in the world…..San Francisco is on it!

Interview with a former Westboro Baptist Church member who escaped!!

Oprah’s 16 must read books this month

First Vegan fashion show

10 things men judge women most on: #1 Teeth

What is your favorite day of the week?!


About Coco & Tea

Hello World! I write the blog Coco & Tea. I am a lover of health, cooking, baking, art, culture, entertaining, decorating…and enjoying life!
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2 Responses to Have a Wonderful Weekend!

  1. jmcvl says:

    I think im with you on this one. Friday is such a great day-working week over and 2days to enjoy friends/family /good food

  2. I took my cousin and some of our friends on a wine tasting for her birthday, too! It was so much fun. We toured three wineries and I got some amazing pictures from the trip. Hope y’all have fun!

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